Guided Tours

La Fayette and the French Revolution

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Exceptional domain of Chantilly

Chantilly 1                                         

          Sunday 27th June at 2 pm

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From Notre Dame to the Luxembourg Gardens

Jardins luxembourg 2



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Abbey and former hospital of Val de Grâce 

Val de grace 


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World War I in Paris

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Guided walk on the footsteps of Claude Monet in Giverny

Giverny 5                                    

                    Sunday 11th July at 2 pm 

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p>The Great Hours of the History of the Marais            


Photo le marais



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Stroll in the Hidden and Unusual Montmartre

Photo montmartre                                   


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The Village of Batignolles

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Museum of the Great War and battle of the Marne River 1914-1918

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