Museum of the Great War of Meaux 


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With a unique collection in Europe, the Great War Museum of the Pays de Meaux offers a new vision of the  First World War 1914-1918,

through an innovative scenography illustrating the great mutations and upheavals of society that have resulted.

An exceptional heritage to pass on to new generations. A museum of history and society, to discover past events,

better understand today's society and build the world of tomorrow.

 The Pays de Meaux Great War Museum is above all a visit experience, to understand and remember.

Come, too, to live a strong and memorable moment at the heart of the History of Humanity!


Excursion of the Marne battlefields

This circuit located near Meaux about forty kilometers from Paris allows you to view the progress of the battles of the Battle of Ourcq

and discover the heritage linked to the Great War.

Follow the guide ! The circuit of the Marne battlefields allows you to discover the places where these fights took place.

True to the chronology of events, the circuit takes place in the direction of the advance of French troops on the ground.