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 Private 3D Virtual Guided Tours 

Discover Paris and Ile-de-France

Chateau de versailles

Royal castle and Gardens of Versailles

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Castle of fontainebleau 1

Castle of Fontainebleau

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Musee d orsay

Museum of Orsay

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Private 3D Virtual Guided Tour

Douce France Visites invites you to discover the secrets and masterpieces of heritage in virtual reality.

Take advantage of this period to visit the monuments, museums and cultural treasures that we hold so dear.

Learning while having fun thanks to current technology and the experience of a tour guide is a major asset for having a good time and cultivating yourself differently.

The tours we offer are suitable for the general public as well as for initiates. Interactive and innovative, these private virtual tours will allow you to answer your questions as well as visualize places or details that are difficult to see in reality.

Try the Experience! Relive the History of our Heritage!



                                                                          Private Price : 70 euros

                                                                                 Duration : 1h30 

                                                                                     Public : Adults, childrens, school groups, associations ...

                                                                             Languages : In French and in English

                                                                    Secure Payment : Credit Caed, Bank Transfer or Paypal Payment