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Abbey and former hospital of Val de Grâce

           Val de grace

        Discover the Abbey and former hospital of Val-de-Grâce, fondée founded on the XVII century by Anne d'Autriche,

        and the museum of the health service of the armies of the former hospital of Val de Grâce.

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La Fayette and the French Revolution

Portrait la fayette 1


             The real history of  the Marquis of La Fayette through the French Revolution.

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Museum of the Great War and battle of the Marne River 1914-1918

Musee grande guerre meaux 35         

             Treat yourself to a place that makes sense… A new look at 14-18

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World War I in Paris

Tombe soldat inconnu


               Let's go through Paris on the places of memories and tragedy of the Great War ...

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