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July 29th, 2020 Image3 Emilia S.

This visit to the Chantilly estate with Ange Laporte, our generous guide, passionate about his subject and very pedagogue, is a journey through the ages, marked by beauty. He took us rhythmically to explore the castle, from its priceless collection of works to the stables housing magnificent horses. I learned a lot and look forward to our next visits. Thank you Ange Laporte for passing on your passion to us. See you soon.


July 28th, 2020 Image3 Jérome G.

It was a real pleasure to have walked the streets of the Latin Quarter of Paris, A Laporte is an excellent guide with whom we had a pleasant time during which A Laporte made us discover unusual places. Thank you for this exchange.


July 27th, 2020 Image3 Neil P.

Thank you Mr Laporte for a glorious visit to Château Chantilly. We really enjoyed our visit to the castle and museum yesterday. If you love horses, this is the place. Our guide was top notch. I would not hesitate to recommend it to visiting friends.


27 Julyth, 2020 Image3 Evelyne F.

What a pleasure to once again access the magnificent sites of our heritage. At the Chantilly estate, Ange Laporte introduced us to the treasures of the castle. An astonishing collection and the fascinating history (the anecdotes of the small history supplementing the high political facts) of this illustrious family. We were also able to visit the Horse Museum. A very nice day. Thank you so much.


July 16th, 2020 Image3 Francoise B.

Hello, thank you for this "secret du Marais" visit. I had a great time. cordially


June 14th, 2020 Image3 Véronique M.

It was a very good first experience. 2 hours in the Marais district ... without seeing the time spent over improbable detours and historical anecdotes. I highly recommend to have a good time ... to do it again to know other districts of the capital or other places outside Paris ... I will definitely go back


June 9th, 2020 Image3 Catherine P.

Very satisfied! Passionate and exciting guide! Ange is learned and very available. This is my 3rd visit and I am still so satisfied. I will participate in the physical tours he offers in Paris.


June 9th, 2020 Image3 Catherine P.

Perfect! Well done and thank you to Ange for this visit. He masters his subject and shows great availability. I will do physical visits with him again!


May 30th, 2020 Image3 Cahterine P.

Top! Thanks to Ange for this guided tour of the Château de Fontainebleau. Passionate and exciting. So I immediately register for that of Versailles !!!


February 2nd, 2020 Image3Cultural association

Upon entering Rodin's environment, we discovered a most fascinating living, intimate and professional place. Do not miss the visit to the Museum of Arts and History, or the art and key word, or the climb to the observatory where the 180 degree view is unforgettable.


January 16, 2020 Image3 Cultural association

Our visit and discovery of the old town of Versailles with the group of 48 people in exceptional places was a great success. The gallery of the former Hôtel de la Marine, the tennis court less coveted than the castle, is a must see at all costs. Thank you to our two guides, who made us relive this great historical wealth of our heritage. Very good for this discovery prepared upstream.


April 15, 2019      Image3 Harry Singer

A very knowledgeable guide and the Best! 


July 4, 2018      Image3 (Deanne Enos)

Ange had an amazing depth of historical knowledge everywhere we toured. We had one very busy day that included the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre, and Montmartre with ever-changing skip-the-line policies which he negotiated. Ange even selected a wonderful cafe near the Notre Dame for our lunch. And as an added bonus, he located a fantastic patisserie for the macaroon cookies we were looking for. I would highly recommend Ange Laporte. 


February 19, 2018     Image3 (Colin Fergusson)

The perfect tour! Ange was funny, and informative. We took the subway and he showed us how to get around, which paid benefits for the rest of the trip. Everything was perfect! Thank you! 


April 14, 2017     Image3 (William Bewley)

Ange showed us around Paris for an eight hour tour. He is a very professional tour guide that knows a lot about Paris, so much that we found ourselves taking very interesting back streets, through beautiful courtyards and parks. We had a full day that was very efficient. He has a lot of knowledge about French history and is interested in current affairs as well. High recommend Ange! 


October 6, 2016     Image3 (Angela Stewart)

Ange Laporte is FABULOUS! Many thanks to Ange for making our trip to Paris so wonderful.